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Horrible experience with refrigerator

A horrible customer service experience with Samsung for two months now, and we are stuck with a refurbished product that supposed to be “brand-new”!


My family purchased a Samsung kitchen 4 appliance set at HomeDepot before Thanksgiving 2019, so that we can have a renovated kitchen for the holiday season’s gatherings. But that’s when the nightmare begins……


In less than TWO WEEKS of using the “brand-new” refrigerator, the freezer breaks down (followed by the fridge part)! We contacted both Samsung and HomeDepot to ask for immediate exchange of a new one, but they kept kicking us back and forth towards each other.


Another funny thing is that, during the conversations, we found Samsung’s record shows the warranty starts on Aug 2019, and according to their representative, that date is registered by customer. However, we’ve only bought it in late Nov, and aren’t we supposed to be the first and only customer who own this refrigerator?


After rounds of communication, finally Samsung sent a technician, who identified the problem to be the mother board, and said he would come back next week with a new board for replacement. However, he neither came or called at the date he was supposed to show up, and when we called back to their repair department, they gave all kinds of reasons saying the mother board is not gonna be here and suggesting us to ask for an exchange. So, other than this is a defected product, which broke down in two weeks and cannot be fixed by their own technician, what are the other ways to explain this?!


Again, after rounds of calls with Samsung’s exchange department, they finally confirmed an exchange to be deliver in another ONE MONTH (whereas the exact same model on Samsung official website is estimated to arrive our home in FIVE DAYS?)!


Finally two months after the freezer (then the fridge also) broke down, the exchange came in. Although we have a refrigerator works now, but there are so many signs showing this is a refurbished product!!!

  • Two screws on the top are missing. And when we found out that and called back the Samsung installation guy right after couple hours he left (in case he just forgot to install them), he said he noticed the missing screws when he was in our house, but he was not gonna do anything about it because it came in that way.
  • Some very obvious scratch on several plastic storage boxes inside the refrigerator.
  • The tape inside the refrigerator to secure the pieces are much less, comparing to the broken refrigerator when it first came in.


Of course, Samsung customer representative denied the exchange is a refurbished product when we called back again. Even though we have tried to live with this refurbished product as long as it works, because we really cannot afford more time and hassle to argue with Samsung over and over. But guess what, they even refused to match the warranty starting date to the day we got the exchange, regardless of the first “brand-new” refrigerator only worked for less than two weeks and has been sat there for one and half months for nothing!


So! Samsung, thanks for ruining our past two months with your defected “brand-new” product, and a whole bunch of melting and rotting food, while we were supposed to enjoy the holidays of gathering families and friends. And now leaving us an obviously refurbished product with missing pieces, and refusing to match the warranty date (which was suspiciously wrong in the first place) like an ETHICAL and TRUSTWORTHY brand should have offered voluntarily!