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How I fixed my samsung refrigerator

My wife bought a double door samsung refrigerator it's an rs264absh model. The refrigerator side was not cooling it went from 34°up to almost 60° I listened to see if fan that blows over evaperator was running no sound freezer side was so I took everything out defrosted with hair dryer. Upon taking everything out shelves included I started to

take back cover off it was frozen I defrosted until I finally got cover off the whole evaporator coil was froze up ice was grown

over fan blade stopping it from turning. The fan and its motor btw is located on backside

of cover. So I ordered new motor easy hookup just a single harness plug in I put back together set temp,one week later noticed te.p was from 34°to 48° huh so

there must be another problem so I took apart. Again evaporator coil froze solid ice in fan so this could has what's called an evaporator defroster heater it also has a thermostat that tells the defroster to cut on to keep coils from freezing over after testing continuity on all parts the only one not working was the evaporator defroster heater thermostat I bought one of these and a roll of

metal tape its silver tape with a back you have to peel off the thermostat was simple to install to harness hookup now some refrigerators have clip on style thermistor while others like one I got doesn't but the wire runs across the top and down side of evaporator coil I used my tape to put it in place and wrapped my wires with paper towels and then tape.I then used tape to tape back together insulation that was broke from pulling back cover off to make sure evaporator was insulated good 2 months later still running top notch total cost $25.