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How can product this good have such terrible support?

(Topic created on: 4/21/21 7:37 PM)
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Do get me wrong I love Samsung products , I have in my home and they are vital to my life. 

HOWEVER THERE SUPPORT CHATS, AND PHONE IS THE WORST!!! I wanted buy a new refrig, so i am shopping and I have a few questions , I was on the chat for 20 minute just to find width of te product **bleep**. So today I was planning on purchasing a refirg and i'd be dropping $3K so I resorted to the phone-imagine that talking to a live person. The person on the other end was less functional then the bots they have answering chat questions . This kind of terrible customer service has hurt there bottom line. If this how they are behaving before they have my money how are they going to perform once they have it and need to support it?

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