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How do I get my refund?

(Topic created on: 2/1/21 11:56 AM)
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I bought a Samsung range directly from Samsung last January, delivered by Samsung on the 17th( 2020) . Last October it started making a clicking noise, I called in to get a repair under warranty in November.  They were supposed to call to set up a time  after me sitting for hours on the phone giving them info clearly published on my online Samsung account page. They  hadn't called after 2 weeks so called in again, they claimed the rep messed  up the ticket so went thru the whole deal again, got the lie of a response about calling me back, never did of course. Meanwhile, husband was in a serious accident so a few more weeks went past. Called in again, by now the warranty is over( by 1 day) . Claimed they didn't have a repair person within 250 miles( I live 29 miles from a major city) so they'd refund my money or give me a credit . Decided heck no to a credit after them giving me the run around for months. Suddenly changed to  they will give me $400 on an $800 stove because it's out of warranty.( no, it wasn't til they played the clock out)  They really need a class action suit brought against them because there are literally hundreds of similar stories . They are frauds. How do I get my money back from this bunch of crooks? 

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