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How does "Cooking Time" work?

(Topic created: 10-21-2021 11:20 AM)
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Hello Samsung owners,

I got a new range with SmartThings built in (NY63T8751SS) and to add to my complaints that the long center burner wobbles when walking near the range and Smart Control needing to be manually turned on after every use I am having a hard time understanding how Cooking Time is suppose to work when It starts the countdown before the preheating is done...

Here's a scenario, I want to cook a frozen pizza with the cook time of 20 minutes. I select Bake -> Temp -> Set Cook Time -> Turn off when down -> Start. 

As it's preheating, the timer is already counting down from 20 minutes! If it's done preheating after 4 minutes then that leaves the "cook time" as 16 minutes after I put the pizza in.

What would make more sense is if the timer started AFTER preheat was done!

Anyone with a Oven that has the same feature, is this working as intended or did Samsung fundamentally overlook this?

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Samsung Moderator
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Hello, Regrettably the oven will cook for the time entered if the preheat time is not included in the Cook time upon start. If you are like most of us and don't really time how long the preheat takes when cooking I would recommend setting the Cook Time and Delay Start as needed and have included the link for the user manual on page.24 to review. 

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