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Ice-Maker No Longer Freezing-Over Because Refrigerator/Freezer Won't Cool Below 40 Degrees

Purchased 4 door Samsung refrigerator model RF23M8070SR for approx $2k at Best Buy in December 2017. Ice Maker started icing up soon after purchased. I would defrost about once a month. Problem got worse until defrosting was required about once a week. Finally got bad enough earlier this year  that I called Samsung and found that my warranty had just expired. Recently, the ice maker has stopped icing over because the freezer will not cool below 40 degrees.  It's nice that the ice maker is no longer icing-over but this is not the resolution I had hoped for.


Today I had an appliance tech examine it and he found that it has a freon leak, probably from compressor or coil. He told me he's seen a bunch of these problems with Samsungs. He told me he could refill the freon but it would leak again. He estimated it would cost $500 - $1,000 to fix problem. Given all the problems with the refrigerator he recommended that I just junk it.  He also told me that there's a class action suit for this problem (Bianchi v Samsung in NJ).


I called/chatted with two Samsung support reps today who both politely told me that since it's off warranty they could make an appointment for me to fix it at my own expense.