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Ice Maker Not Working & Ice Buildup @ Bottom of Samsung Freezer

We have a Samsung Showcase side by side freezer/fridge (RH25H5611S). It was purchased just 5 years ago. The ice maker very frequently stops making and/or dispensing ice and I'll find a huge sheet or block of ice at the bottom of the freezer, which prevents me from being able to open the bottom storage door. I feel like I no sooner get it all chipped away, and then open the door to find a new sheet of ice. It's been so frustrating. It seems like it's progressively getting worse. Of course I feel like we don't have enough freezer space as it is and now because I can't use the bottom drawer and I have to store a bag of ice in there, we're really short on space. Between this and the severe issues with brown flakes (mold) in our 5-year-old toploading Samsung washing machine, I have had it with Samsung appliances! What is causing these issues and is there a way to resolve it? Note that our water dispenser is just fine and there is no issue with the water pressure.