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Ice Maker keeps Freezing for RF23HTEDBSR/AA

This is my second Samsung (first one was a white side-by-side bought in 2013; current one was bought in 2016). They both presented the same problem with the ice maker freezing up, but this time around it's clearly a problem with the part. Every two weeks the icemaker freezes up and stops making ice. It's been like that for the past year! Now I must hire someone for $$$ to come and fix it.  The warranty expired at one year.

2 fridges in 7 years, same problem, there is gotta be something out there to fix this problem. It's not right to have go to the 3rd fridge in 7 years. 


Re: Ice Maker keeps Freezing for RF23HTEDBSR/AA

There are many threads about this with many possible solutions that users never say resolve the problem. In addition, to the trouble with the ice maker compartment freezing solid we've discovered this week that the entire back panel of the fridge behind the plastic panel is frozen solid causing the fridge to not cool properly which results in rotted food. The appliance repair people in the area won't work on it because they end up on the hook for repairs that they have to make over and over again. I don't have a solution but wanted to warn you to look at the vents inside the fridge to see if they're frozen and if so, to defrost the whole thing and hopefully get it to work for a while longer.