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Ice bucket stuck

I'm clearly just one of many, many people with the same beyond-frustrating problem. My refrigerator has stopped making ice AGAIN, and now I can't pull out the [edit] ice maker!!! And I mean, I tried everything including getting up on a high stool so I could try lifting it up with more force as one YouTuber suggested. I just wrenched my wrist wrestling with it and now I'm officially angry. We should all get together en mass and file a lawsuit. We paid good money for these appliances and we're just cavalierly being blown off by one of the wealthiest corporations on the planet. Other than a Samsung bot telling you to submit your model number, it appears that nobody's issue has been resolved by Samsung. Am I correct? Or is Samsung secretly contacting people outside of these threads and actually..... HELPING THEM?  
--And this is for the bot that is going to ask for my model number.
Here bot: RF28K9380SR