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Ice maker fix?

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Our fridge is about 5 or 6 years old.  French doors, bottom freezer that houses the ice maker and bin.  I've read enough ice maker problems on this board to make me rethink ice makers as a fridge feature!  Anyway I'm here for the usual reason--ice maker stopped making ice.  Now it's working, or seems to be.  Here's my story, which I hope helps someone else.

Background.  We don't use much ice, so it could take a while before we notice it stopped.  Also we were here in the recent Texas freeze and lost power at least 10 times.  We have a natural gas standby generator that kicked on every time, but still our fridge lost power for about 8 seconds at least ten times.  Also we had a boil water warning for a few days, and after that was over, I ran a lot of water through the dispenser, dumped the ice bucket, allowed a couple more trays and dumped them.  Then changed the filter and ran a half gallon or so new water through the filter and water dispenser.  Also dumped a couple more trays of ice.  Then three days ago, some time during the early morning hours, the breaker for the circuit with a line to the fridge tripped, so the fridge was off for a few hours.  Nothing melted, so I figured OK.

The problem with shotgun approaches to fixing things, is you don't know what fixed it, but I decided to try everything I've read here, before calling a $100 an hour repairman.

1.  Reset ice maker.  No can do.  Couldn't find a reset button, and none was referred to in the owners manual, so I guess there's not one for this model.

2.  Filter change as a trigger of ice maker failure.  Hmmm.  I removed the recently replaced filter, emptied it into the sink and reinstalled it.  Then I reset the filter change warning light according to the manual and flushed another couple quarts of water through the dispenser (that dispenser is inside the fridge on the left interior wall, by the way, on this model.)

3.  I turned off the energy saver.  I don't know if we normally had it on for all these years or off, but I recently turned it on.  I have no reason to connect that with the ice maker stopping, but tried it anyway.

4.  Bumped the freezer temp up one click then back down  to -2F again.  Fridge is at the recommended 38F.

A few minutes later, I heard the sound of the ice tray emptying into the bin.  I think it's working again.  FWIW, maybe this will work for you.

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