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Ice maker issue for RF4287HARS

My ice maker quit making ice and Samsung service guy replaced ice maker.  It's still not making ice.  They came back out and replaced again.  Still no ice. I just gave up and started buying ice. One last effort here before I buy another brand refrigerator.  My ice maker makes a lot of noise. Sounds like it's trying to fill up with water.  The ice compartment does not have frost like many others are saying.  It's apparent my ice maker itself is fine.  The water dispenser dispenses water normal and the filter is new.  There is no air in the water line since the water comes out fine.  Any suggestions?  


Re: Ice maker issue for RF4287HARS

I have the same smart frog with the same ice maker problem and of course the now dumb screen. I sure hope a class action goes forward because we paid a pretty penny for this product and it’s losing value daily now. Shucks mine is also rebooting on its own several times a day. 


My problems:

ice maker no longer works

Constant ice buildup under bottom freezer drawer 

all smart apps except pandora no longer works