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Ice maker not working defrost every time to fix

We bought the Samsung 4 door flex a year back and recently we started having issues with the ice maker not producing ice I have to research and figure out fixing the problem. Finally I found defrost would help solve. A glacier of ice came out. But the problem does not stop there the issue keeps occurring. Upon further research I found they had a design flaw in the ice maker circuit which got rectified in the 2019 models. I called up Samsung service they told me am out of warranty and upon request they accommodated a one time exception on parts. But they refuse to cover the service charges and labor. This is very sad. It is a basic design flaw by Samsung and Samsung has to cover the cost. Why consumer had to pay for such a flaw design. I would like Samsung to honor not just the parts but also labor and service. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Ice maker not working defrost every time to fix

We are sorry to hear about this. Please send your ticket number to this PM Link, and we will look in to this.

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