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Ice maker not working

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Hey guys, 
My ice maker has stopped working. I press the test button and the water fills in - then there’s a noise a bit like a ding dong - the freezer is closed. 
tried a few bits, like the reset and trying to check the filling line, any other suggestions?

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Pull out the ice tray and see if ice has jammed up the travel path. When my ice maker first malfunctioned (one month out of warranty) I was told by the technician that there was a design issue with the ice maker heater that allowed ice to thaw and refreeze as it dumped. He replaced mine with the new design, which is still defective. I have to use a hair dryer to thaw the ice maker about every 6 weeks to keep ice flowing.
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Mine too....I gave up and just keep a bag of ice in the freezer. The ice maker has already been replaced under warranty one. It is now out of warranty and not working again. It is a very poor design.
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Check maybe the ice has build up inside.. need to thaw and probably charge with freon again
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Samsung Moderator
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I understand how this may be frustrating have you tried the troubleshooting steps below?  

Top Freezer models have an Ice On icon. If you want to make ice, you should leave this icon lit. Family Hub models control this function in the Fridge Manager app. And finally, models with dual ice makers will have an Ice Off icon for each ice maker, but only one button to control them both. Continue to tap the button repeatedly until neither icon is lit.

The RS27T and RS22T models have two water lines to connect. If they are cross-connected, the water and ice dispensing functions will not work correctly. If you have one of these models and the dispenser has not worked since installation, check these lines.

  1. Check to see if there is ice in your ice bucket.

    If there is ice in your ice bucket, but it won't dispense, see our other guide for troubleshooting steps.

    For instructions on how to remove your ice bucket, see your user manual.

  2. Verify the ice maker is turned on.

    Most models have an Ice Off icon, which will light up when the ice maker is off. For ice production, change it so it's not lit. If you are not sure how to do this, see your user manual.

    Refrigerator Ice Off Icons

  3. Check the dispenser's water pressure.

    Dispense water into a measuring cup for 10 seconds. You should get at least 6 ounces (3/4 cup) or more.

    If your model does not have a dispenser, you will need to use the water line instead. Turn off the water supply, disconnect the water line, prepare a bucket and towels to help with collecting the water, and then turn the water supply back on and dispense water directly out of the water line to test its pressure.

    • If no water dispenses at all, verify that the water line is connected. See more troubleshooting in our guide.
    • If you get less than 3/4 cup, your water pressure is too low. A potential cause might be a clogged water filter, so remove your water filter and try again.
      • If that fixes your water pressure issue, then you need to replace the filter. Use only Samsung brand filters.
      • Otherwise, your low water pressure will need to be increased. Since water pressure is not controlled by the refrigerator, it will need to be adjusted at the source. (Using a Reverse Osmosis system to filter water may cause the water pressure to be too low. For more help with your home's water pressure, contact a plumber.)
  4. Reset the ice maker.

    There is a test button on the ice maker. (Most models will require you to remove the ice bucket to view the ice maker.) Once you find this button:

    1. Press and hold the test button until you hear a chime (which may take up to 10 seconds).
    2. The test takes about 6 minutes. During the test cycle, you will hear ice drop into the bucket and the water valve energize to fill the ice maker.
    3. At the end of the test, another chime will be heard.

    Note: If the ice maker does not chime when you press the button, or if it does not chime at the end of the test, unplug the refrigerator or power it down at the circuit breaker, wait 2 minutes, and power it back up. Watch the display for any error codes. Then, try the button again. If it still does not chime, call us at 1-800-SAMSUNG.

  5. Allow 24 hours after the reset for ice production to get back to normal.

    You should see some ice production much sooner, however it may take the full 24 hours for it to return to normal production amounts (approximately 2 trays of ice every 3 hours).

    Be sure to dispense ice occasionally during this period. If ice piles up at one end of the bucket, the ice maker will think it is full and stop ice production. Find more information in the "Ice maker is making some ice but not enough" section.

If the troubleshooting steps did not help above then you have a couple of options based on your warranty. 

- If your unit was recently purchased, you can check with your retailer on their return/exchange processes.
- If you have an extended warranty you can reach out to them to have service set up. 
- If you're within the one year warranty, you can Private message me or one of our moderators with your full model and serial number to have service setup
- If you're OUT of warranty, you can use this link below to find a service center in your area. 


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