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Ice maker problem

I have the same issue and samsung wouldn't and hasn't fixed it i have the family hub and my ice maker is frozen no use of it. I think we should all open a class action suit towards samsung I have a washer dryer and refrigerator and stove samsung and the refrigerator and the dryer and stove no good the refrigerator ice maker problem my dryer won't dry good since the day I bought it I have to put my clothes to dry like 3 times and it no good doing that cause if I dnt it leaves my clothes smelling like mildew they sent a tech to check it out and they said there wasn't any issue. And my stove has pealing paint and stove knows get stuck and won't turn samsung no good and I also have a note 8 which battery expanded and opened my whole back cover off my phone they no good won't ever buy samsung not worth the money.. trust me we need a class action suit