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Ice maker slow to make ice

(Topic created on: 12/16/20 9:36 PM)
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Have side by side with ice maker in door. Have done every reset procedure. Have plenty of other stuff in freezer. Even added four 2 liter bottles of water was in for weeks. Have temp down to (-)8f and verified with 2 different type of thermometers. Verified fans working and coils not frozen by putting magnet over sensor with door open and felling plenty of air flow. Have texted with Samsung and when through all the same stuff.


It takes 1h50m to make ice. Samsung says 1h30m at 0f and 55m in super freeze (which is (-)8). Mine takes twice as long at -8 all the time. Can't keep up with family of 4 much less if you have guests. Old whirlpool in garage set at 0 makes twice the ice. Even compared old style ice trays and Samsung takes longer even when set 8 deg lower. Don't know why but will be glad to sell house and Samsung with it.

Only thing I can think of is the defrost cycles too often on Samsung. Very disappointed.

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