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Icemaker freezing up and the fan making noise

So after several time defrosting the Icemaker and the entire frig I am still having issues with the Icemaker freezing up and the fan making noise as loud as a MRI.

After calling Samsung 3 days ago they said they would repair the icemaker (and fan) free of charge.  They issued a repair ticket and said I would hear in 24 to 48 hours.  It has been 72 and still no call.  So I called Samsung, requested a call back rather then wait on hold and 45 minutes later was told to call the Service Center directly to set up an appointment. 

I called (ASAP Solutions 201-881-5742) and received a recording saying " due to tech difficulties  we can not take  calls...... for a faster response, text.  If you leave a voicemail  you will get an answer in one week".   

So I am back to Samsung and can not seem to get the on line chat to work or a call back.  Anyone know a better way to address this with Samsung before the refrigerator totally stops working and I lose all my food?