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Is there a PERMANENT fix to Samsung French Door grinding noise?

Have Samsung RF23HCEDBSR french door refrigerator manufactured in March 2015.   We get noise from the unit which we understand is due to frost near the fan which creates a grinding noise.  In the past we would empty the fridge and defrost (for about 2 days).  Unfortunately this is only a temporary fix.  The ice will reform and the fridge will need to be defrosted again.  We did have repair visit once but they only recommended the defrost option.


Is there a more PERMANENT fix to this issue?  (Other than the obvious of getting rid of this expensive refrigerator?)   


PS:   BTW Tell everyone you know to NEVER buy Samsung refrigerators.  This is killing their Brand and they refuse to perform recall though this is a system issue with most/all Samsung french door refrigerators.