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ME21F707MJT buttons ghosting through out the day.


we have an over the stove micorwave model # ME21F707MJT where the buttons randomly beep & the light will come on, or numbers show as if it's ready to come on. It doesn't actually turn on, but if some buttons are ghosting, what keeps it in control of the others? 


I see this issue of turning on by themselves has been an issue with this & other Samsung models and would like to fix this if possible before any other random buttons start coming on... especially since installing over the stove is a pain. Smiley Happy 


Any guidance on fixes? Is there a recall that we have not been notified of? Do you have any recommendations? 


Thank you kindly! -Cristin 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: ME21F707MJT buttons ghosting through out the day.

Thank you for reaching out! Does the issue occur after power cycling the unit? Is there any error codes on the unit?

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