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My Samsung Experience

(Topic created on: 1/18/21 10:42 PM)
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We purchased all brand new Samsung appliances when we built our new home 4 years ago. We have replaced the oven and the dishwasher at our expense!) and they sent a contracted representative out to install a new ice maker because it kept freezing up. They paid for that ordeal because so many were contacting them. Now my clothes dryer heating element has gone out and this oven, which is only 2 years old, has the digital board going out! It constantly blinks numbers even when it is not on!! And now the wheels on the bottom tray of the dishwasher keeps coming off. And it's only about 18 months old!!! 
I have made a vow to NEVER purchase another product of Samsung in my lifetime! And I will never recommend them either. Sadly, I know complaining will not do any justice. This post will probably be deleted. But if it helps one person in making their decision to purchase or not purchase a Samsung, then I would be pleased. As soon as these appliances finish dying off, I am going to purchase products such as G.E. or Whirlpool or Bosch. They may be a little more expensive, but at least I feel confident that I can get more than two years at a time out of them!! 

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