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My dishwasher is new and damaged

(Topic created on: 1/25/21 6:23 PM)
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My new Samsung dishwasher after a month didn't work appropriately and a technician came to my home and he found a broken part and unfortunately is not covered by warranty and it cost around $300 plus labor, i was shocked how a new appliance getting damaged in less than a month and when i chose it ,i bought the most expensive one,and have warranty for a year.

That's not fair, never to treat a regular person who likes SAMSUNG and bought it for  a life time

They said to me you broke it and need us to replace or pay for the part.

I was speechless because i was shockedi know the customers satisfaction is the most important. 

I felt I'm been cheeted and scammed with Samsung items.

Find a solution for me thankfully. 

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Samsung Moderator
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Can I have the ticket number for your repair via private message?

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