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NE58H9970WS Induction range- 3 years old- NO PARTS???

(Topic created on: 2/17/21 5:30 PM)
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Hi all, I'm a little distressed right now.  3 years ago we bought a new  NW58H9970WS induction range/oven.  It's been great.  It was NOT cheap.  Now 3 years in, and an unfortunate incident has lead to a cracked glass cooktop.  OK, our bad, a $500 part, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  

BUT- THE PART IS DISCONTINUED!     (Part# DG94-00993A)  It seems like we may have unwittingly purchased it at the end of its lifecycle, but 3 years later and no parts?  Does Samsung always work this way?

So we have to trash a 3 year old $2500 appliance and go buy something else?  If this is Samsung's normal MO, you can trust its replacement will NOT be another Samsung...  

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