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NE58K9560 Induction Range Issue with recognizing cookware

I bought new induction cookware. There are three pans that have the same size bottom, which meet the size requirements in the owners manual. I put each of the pans in the center of the largest burner and none of them worked; the range clicked and I got the "u" error indicating that the pan was not recognized. If I place any of  them off center by three or so inches, the burner finds them at which point I can move the pan to the center and cook. If I have to lift the pan for any reason, the burner doesnt find it when I put it down and I have to start over. Everything I see in the owner's manual indicates that the pan should be placed in the center of the burner, which is intuitive as well. The owners manual also says not to slide cookware across cooktop surface. I had a repair man come and take a look at it. He lacked experience with induction ranges and didn't really understand the issue. Has anyone else experienced this with their samsung induction range?  Is there a fix?


I didn't have this issue with my old pan but it was much larger in diameter.