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NE59J7630SS/AC Defect - Fire Hazard

** My original post was flagged by the moderators when posted as a reply to an existing message, so I'm posting this as a new message **


The NE59J7630SS/AC electric stove, purchased from Home Depot Canada, with a manufacturing date of January 2016 started making crackling sounds when turning on the burners. The oven light was flickering and the clock/control display was flickering. After unplugging the power cord and opening the small hatch where the cord meets the stove, there are clear signs of an electrical fire (see attached)

IMG_0640 (1).jpgIMG_0641.jpg

The cable and the insulating plastic sides have melted off from this electrical fire. Luckily this was caught before anything worse could happen. This is a product defect and please be aware of this if you have a similar model manufactured early 2016.


Reading other posts on this board and similar web searches reveal that this is not an isolated incident and that other consumers with this model / manufactured around 2016 may be in danger of having electrical fires.


Samsung owe a duty of care to its consumers to ensure Samsung products are safe. As seen on my photos, the specific electrical fire of the power cord makes this a defective and unreasonably dangerous appliance. It is my opinion that Samsung failed to meet the applicable standard of care to prevent the electrical fire and the defect caused damages to my appliance as well as emotional distress.


Cosmic Ray

Re: NE59J7630SS/AC Defect - Fire Hazard

Thank you. 


I have been reaching out to several folks showing them a post about these panels causing fires. 


Next, twitter. 



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: NE59J7630SS/AC Defect - Fire Hazard

@userVgUcoKkHLa   Please send your serial number to this PM Link, and I will look in to this.

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