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NQ70M7770DG/AA Combo Oven Microwave Touch Controls Stop Working

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Hi Everyone,

The touchscreen will freeze up and stop responding or in some cases just goes blank. This happens most often when the microwave oven gets hot or I open the door without pausing the oven first. I can either wait 20 minutes for the oven to cool or cycle the power in an attempt to get it functioning again. Randomly the oven will reboot on its own and sometimes the screen will not reflect what I’m doing. For example I can choose bake with the knob but broil will be displayed or I can start the microwave but the seconds won’t count down. I’ve seen other posts on different sites as well as YouTube with the same symptoms but no definitive answer on what’s causing it. I’ve talked to a few repair shops who feel it’s either a control board and or wire issue but want $300 to look at it and estimate another $500 for the repair. Does anyone know exactly what circuit board causes this? I’ve looked at the parts lists and there seems to be multiple boards. I did speak to Samsung a couple of times as the unit is only a few years old but they did not offer any assistance other than willing to hook me up with a repair shop. By the way, this is my second oven as the first one had so many other problems under warranty that the company that sold it to me installed a new one for free of charge after 14 months of owning it. 

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