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NW58H9970WS - any authoritative parts support?

(Topic created on: 2/23/21 11:34 AM)
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Hi all, I posted before about my 3 year old NW58H9970WS induction range- it has a cracked cooktop and the part is showing as "discontinued".  In my efforts and investigations in order to prevent throwing out a 3 year old $2500 appliance, I came across a parts questions.

Part# DG94-00993A is the cooktop listed for this range- the one that is "discontinued".  I did find a very similar part- Part# DG94-00993B.  This part is listed as for a different model range- not mine.  And the "B" part is NOT listed as a replacement for the "A" part.

BUT I'd like to find someone who can authoritatively answer whether this could be a valid replacement.  All the helpful people at the 3rd party parts brokers are saying only that Samsung doesn't list this as an alternate.   Samsung is so huge that I really can't find a spot to ask appliance specific questions- if I go to the chat or call the 800 number, they're equipped to talk about cell phones, but not appliances.  

So does anyone know of a Samsung resource who can help research this for me?

I know it may seem like a long shot- but in my experience with other vendors,  an "A" to a "B" part is commonly a valid replacement, and like I said before, i *really* don't want to throw out a 3 year old $2500 appliance until I've definitively determined that there is no way for it to be repaired.


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