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Never Again!

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I bought a Samsung refrigerator in August 2020-it was delivered August 8. On October 24 the compressor went out. It took until November 11 for it to be repaired and then it went out again December 6. I started the replacement process and on December 29 was told there was insufficient inventory for an exchange & offering a refund of $1,474.17, about $47 less than total purchase price, extended warranty & tax. I accepted. However, I didn’t get the promised email with the paperwork so I called a few days later & was given the runaround-finally offered $1,376.78. I questioned the difference & went back & forth with them in that for weeks-always having to call them & getting a different person on the line each time. On January 13 yet another person pulled my info up & told me my account was still listed as an exchange, not a refund. We worked through the process AGAIN, I gave up on the initial amount & finally got the email to complete the refund process. I completed it-uploaded pictures of the stickers they required removed from the refrigerator & expected this to be done within 14 days. 
But not so-on January 16 I received a text that my refund had been canceled with no explanation. I called and the person on the phone said “well everything is here, it must have been a mistake. But I can’t just turn it back on I’ll have to start a whole new ticket. So I completed a 2nd email and completed the paperwork/uploads again. Since then I’ve received multiple texts from them either telling me I might be eligible for a refund due to limited inventory OR worse telling me my refund was canceled. Each time I’ve called & gotten “hmmm, I don’t really know”. On Feb 2 after yet another “canceled” message & phone call I filed a complaint with BBB. On February 9 I had a voicemail from Oscar “with the president’s office” wanting to discuss my BBB complaint with me. I called back & he was the rudest person I’ve spoken with yet. When I told him part of the problem is having to speak with a different person every time I call his response was “look lady, you’ve got to understand this is a big operation”. I also learned from him that I will be getting a paper check even though I submitted direct deposit info with BOTH sets of paperwork I completed. 
On Monday (Feb 22) I called yet again to check on the status. The sweet young woman I spoke with didn’t have access to whether or not the check has been mailed but did tell me I have to receive it this week or next week or the refund will expire and I’ll have to start over. As of yesterday’s mail-no check. 
I’m beyond frustrated and am thankful for the Home Depot where we purchased the refrigerator for loaning us a small refrigerator twice now to get us through until we can resolve this. We will purchase from them again-but will never own another Samsung appliance and will continue to spread the word about how horrible both their products & customer service are. 
Sorry for the novel but this has been ongoing for months now...and I have 7 people in my household including my disabled husband & 3 grandchildren age 10 & younger.
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