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Order Cancellation/Employee Discount Program/Un-necessary Credit Check

(Topic created: 07-30-2021 07:13 PM)
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Samsung first rescheduled my order of a 22 cubic ft refrigerator 4 times before finally cancelling it because they could not get money from TD Bank.  The bank the money available early on in the process but  30 days later it just updating in their system.  I've tried to re-order the  item through the company discount program, Save@Work. The website  asks me to complete another  Credit Application. No way am I running my credit again when  I already have  an existing line of credit  with TD Bank/Samsung Financing. No one has helped. I just get transferred around and around and around. E-Commerce can't help. Order Support can't help, and Appliances can't help. At this time, I've transverse the entire Samsung Galaxy. No one has yet to take ownership of the issue. However, they are good at transferring.

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