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Order, delivery and customer support is the worst in the industry

(Topic created on: 1/26/21 7:47 AM)
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I have placed my order back in Novermber 8th in 2020. Today is January 26, 2021. I am yet to receive my refrigirator and oven. The deliver date has been postponed 3 times already. Next delivery hopefully will be done on Feb 19th. There were no communicatio whatsoever from Samsung in regards to all the delays. Buy they happily charging me for the product that hasnt been delivered. I spent 2 days now bouncig between different departments and noone cannot help me and keep transfering me to other agents. I am on hold now for an hour and if they would not satisfy me with a straight  answer today i am going to cancel a $3700 order and never deal with Samsung products in my life. 


One hour later and I am still strugle with customer support for answers... Nada.

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