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Oven Temperature and Oven Issues/ NX60

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Since I've started having these issues, I've discovered others with the same and similar ones.


1.  The oven temperature NEVER agrees with the temperature you set.  I have to fiddle with it to get (close to) the correct temperature.  It takes a while.  This is true for the BAKE mode, AIR FRY and CONVECTION BAKE modes.  It takes time.  I end up ruining what I'm cooking, or eating something that's undercooked.  I really don't have time to babysit an oven.  I have a calibration thermometer, so I know I'm not crazy. Samsung (and the three techs sent to address this and the oven door replacement) says that the temperature that you set is "and average temperature" and offered no solution.  This is very bad advertising information for a $2,500 range.  My old DCS was right on the money with oven temperature.


2 AIR FRY: I use a sheet pan (large) under the air fry basket.  When I've used the air fry mode, the oven is coated in grease (from chicken? fish?) and there's a nice pool of fat at the bottom of the oven.  This fat has burned off at the next use, and set off all the alarms. The temperature settings for the air fry are a joke.


3  The racks.  After ONE use, the racks looked as though they were coated with molasses.  They don't fit in my sink to soak, so they go to the basement.  They have to be scrubbed to get them (sort of) clean.  No recommendations are made for cleaning products.  The racks are not supposed to be put into the dishwasher (others were always dishwasher-safe).


Questions:  Is there a practical way to clean the grease from the oven, before using self-clean? I saw tha someone used a steam cleaner--a good idea?

Any tips on cleaning the racks?   

Any success on resolving the temperature discrepency problem?

Not happy at all with Samsung OR Consumer Reports.

Thank you all!


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