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Over $1000 in Ice Maker Repairs Since 2010 (RSG257AARS)

We have owned the French Door RSG257AARS since 2010 (new from Best Buy).  There have been 4 ice makers in the unit (basically a new replacement every 3 years).  Each time the unit is replaced, the repairman shows me the teeth broke off on the motor inside the unit (see attached pictures).  He said that this was so common that he carries about 15 units in his shop.  I am so disappointed with Samsung for not making this issue right.  


The ice maker is model: DA97-07549B


My prior refrigerator lasted 20 years and the GE ice maker never stopped working once.


I have tried several times to talk to Samsung about this issue in the past and they are always polite and say sorry, you are out of warranty.  I am always free to talk if someone from Samsung wants to hear my complaint.  If you have an ice maker and it always breaks exactly the same way, it sounds like the failure is designed to produce a revenue stream.