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Over the Range Microwave me21r7051ss

(Topic created: 04-01-2024 07:49 AM)
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SE code rendered the Microwave useless after 15 months.  Yes, out of warranty, no, I didn't spend money on the Samsung Plus or extended warranty...thought it would last more than 15 months.  Glad I didn't as come to find out there is no Samsung Service Techs in my area.  Shame, too, I bought the one to replace a very similar Samsung model that died after six years.

Customer service doesn't care, transfers me with no warning to another department, which then has to transfer me back to service...after 1 hour on the phone, basically sorry, you are out of luck...we are not helping you...we don't stand by our products, and if you wanted us to, you should have bought the Samsung Plus... 

So if you in the least bit tempted to buy this Microwave..RUN...and find someone that has techs in your area at the very least, or have a little more pride in their products that will warranty them for more than 1 year (basically making them disposable).


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