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Over the range microwave fan turns on by itself


This seems to be an issue few other models of Samsung over the range microwaves. My model is: ME21M706BAS.  My microwave exhuast fan turns on by itself occasionally. First I thought we must have turned on but now we realize it's doing by itself. Recently we were out of town for a weekend and when we came back home Fan was on full speed. We also see 'Press OK/Start" message on the LED panel even though I clear it by pressing clear button. I tried disconnecting power from the wall few times but no luck. I notice this to be a problem with few other Samsung microwaves as well.  Please point me to an article or youTube video on how to fix this issue. 


Since for these issues I noticed Samsung moderators are asking to send a private message, I did that and sent a message to SamsungJam. I didn't hear back, I do not know if that administrator is still an active account, hence posting in the public forum.