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Poor Customer Service Regarding Refund

(Topic created on: 4/19/21 3:21 AM)
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Samsung technical support team has deemed my range unrepairable, ticket # ....  The range is under warranty.  The offer the executive customer service member made was for the purchase price plus applicable tax.  My issue with this is that I purchased over $7000 in Samsung appliances at a single time; therefore was provided a product rebate per appliance.  The offer made was for $1520 plus tax.  What I am asking for is the tax amount on the $1520.00, plus the retail price prior to bundle rebate of $1688.89.  The original invoice from the retailer shows this amount.  I believe this is fair as I will have to pay delivery on my new range, approximately $100, as well as losing out on the range extended warranty I purchased.  My request is not unreasonable as I am not asking for anything more than I feel entitled to in order to replace my range with the same comparable unit.  I have been without an oven now for 5 weeks, and would appreciate an immediate resolution.  Customer Service has been unwilling to negotiate or even respond to coming to a resolution.  They know they have the power to ignore you and offer what isn't fair.

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