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Poor customer service - Family Hub Counter Depth 4-Door Flex Refrigerator

We've been without a freezer for about 6 weeks (40 days) and our refrigerator has stopped working now as well.  Once this is finally fixed it will be 53 days from first contact.  We live just outside Harrisburg, PA and there's only 1 Samsung authorized repair service in an 80-mile radius.  This refrigerator is 2-years old.  The warranty is for 1-year and the compressor is still covered under a sealed systems warranty. 


20 July 2020 – Freezer not working. Contacted Samsung support to arrange service (received call back 2 days later). We were told that we could be referred to case management (they consider if you qualify for a replacement refrigerator) OR keep our repair ticket open. (Note the 'OR'.) We opted to keep the ticket as the earliest they could look at the refrigerator was 17 Aug 2020 and we didn’t want to chance being told we wouldn’t get a refund AND losing our ticket.


27 July 2020 - Flex Zone is no longer cold.


17 Aug 2020 - Service personnel troubleshot compressor problem but can't replace part (another tech has to do that). Perhaps use the information I provided in my ticket to bring high-failure items in the truck? Regardless, next available service date - 17 Sep 2020.


28 Aug 2020 - Ice maker has stopped working.  Called Samsung support and we were told our ticket hadn't been elevated 'correctly' and that we were still showing 'waiting on service' - 17 Sep 2020. This representative told us that we could request a review of our case for a possible refund and keep our ticket.


3 Sep 2020 - Refrigerator has stopped working.  Called Samsung support and we were told we can only have 1 ticket.  Either we get the service on 17 Sep 2020 OR we get 'elevated' to be evaluated for a possible replace refrigerator.  Once we were able to speak to a supervisor, we were told we could either wait for 17 Sep 2020 service appointment OR we could wait up to 21 days to get a refund, and I quote “because, why would you want to fix the refrigerator if you’re getting a refund?”  Additionally, we were offered a 50% off coupon.  50% off a new refrigerator after you’ve told me my case can be evaluated for a full refund? I’m a bit confused here.


Each of these attempts has taken at least an hour on the phone.  Each time the representative was professional and courteous (except for the supervisor), though ultimately not helpful.  We were also told that we couldn’t both be evaluated for a refund and have our refrigerator serviced because “Samsung’s ticket system can’t have 2 tickets open at the same time.”


Your internal communications and workflow don’t interest me.  I just wanted a functional refrigerator.  I’m extremely disappointed and will shop accordingly from now on.


Re: Poor customer service - Family Hub Counter Depth 4-Door Flex Refrigerator

Chris Quesenberry