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Carol Toledo

PowerBot 9350 Dock Station Not Working

On February, after 9 months I bought my Robot Vacuum, my Dock Station stooped working.


The Robot Vacuum itself works perfectly fine but as the Dock Station doesn't work, the vacuum is unable to find the station as well as unable to recharge it.


The furstration is that I lieve in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) and I bought my PowerBot in Georgia, USA, in a Bed Batch & Beyond where it was told me that Samsung had international support. For my surprise, when my vacuum stopped to be functional, Samsung claims they do not have support outside USA even bought product was bought in the USA.


I went back to the USA end June and contact Samsung who told me to go to a closes Best Buy or Lowes that they would help me with my problem. I went to the store seeking help and of course no progress and they said I would need to contact again Samsung as they do not support any product that was not bought in there store. I went then to the same Bed Bath & Beyond I bought the PowerBot and as it has passed an year I bought the vacuum, they could not exchange it for me (I bought on May 2018, vacuum broked on Feb 2019 and I went to the USA on Jun 2019) and I came back to Brasil without my powerbot functioning.


On August I went to the USA again, for 2 weeks, and once again contact samsung which one more time said that they could not do anything because my warranty had expired and that I should direct to the closest Best Buy, Home Depot or Lowes that they would help me. I went once again to a Best Buy and still same answer - they do not support anything bought outside their store and they don't have any support to help me. Once more I contact Samsung and explained the situation and finally they direct me to a Samsung Repair center to help with my problem. I was thrilled that finally I was gonna be able to fix my vacuum and use it again as I bought the MOST expensive product thinking it would give me a WONDERFUL time and not much headache (silly me).


After opening the Service Request 4150894046 Samsung said that I would have my vacuum returned until August 22nd. On Aug 20th I got a mail saying my vacuum was fixed and that was gonna be shipped in the same day and again, happy ! The vacuum was shipped on the 21st which caused a delay to get the vacuum but that was fine, I was gonna get it fixed I imagined. I got the vacuum on 23rd and the first thing I did when I arrived home on Aug 24th was to test it !


And, of course, for my surprise the Dock Station was still not working! The vacuum was returned FULLY charged and could be used but only until the baterry is gone. The Dock Station red light still does NOT lights up and the vacuum can not find the station back - probably as the Dock Station is not turning on and obviously the Robot Vacuum can not be recharged leaving me, again, after 6 months that the vacuum is not working, to be out of vacuum.


I have contact Samsung again through the Chat Support yesterday, August 26th, to explain everything. The support told me not to worry and once again I explained that I didn't live in Brasil and they told me that was fine. They said they would send me a new UPS Label so I can ship the Vacuum and Fock Station again to the repair center and I accept it as all I want is to have my vacuum working again. But, later on same day, I got the UPS Label and it contained my hotel address which I used 2 weeks ago for shipping and receiving the vacuum as I was in the USA. Today, Augst 27th, I contact once more Samsung through the Chat Support and Samsung is claiming that, unfortunately (for me probably), they can't do anything. They would be able to help me if I was in the USA but as I'm in Brasil there is nothing they can or would do for me and to fix my problem.


I just want a resolution to my problem and that Samsung deal with this unacceptable situtaion and treat their customers in a better way. Is unallowable that Samsung simply say that nothing can be done after they made a mistaken while fixing my product - my impression is that they barely touched my vacuum and not even did a full test of trying to use my dock station, which was sent together with my vacuum, to see if was functional.


Vacuum Details :

Model Number : VR2AK9350WK/AA

Serial Number : 080R8NDJB00064V


Service Request Details :

Opened Date : Aug 14

Ticket Number : 4150894046