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RF22KREDBSR/AA Fridge and Freezer shutting off

(Topic created on: 1/18/21 5:07 AM)
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We bought this refrigerator in January of 2019 and had Samsung come out on separate occasions to repair drawer lights and fix a short in the door which kept the ice flapper/door opening and closing continually. I've  had a few instances where the freezer seemed like it was defrosting when finding the food semi-thawed, but I always attributed that to assuming one of my kids left the freezer open or something.


My wife said that she thought the refrigerator's motor was a little loud the night before, but I'm not sure if that was part of the problem. The freezer and refrigerator temperatures were reading 0 and 34F respectively, but the freezer was clearly not on and the fridge seemed just barely "cool" and I could not hear the hum of any of the motors even after initiating the power freeze option. I turned it off at the breaker for a few moments, and when it powered back on, I was getting reads of 49F and 55F--clearly a problem.  A good 5-10 minutes passed and the "motors" kicked on and the temperatures slowly dropped; when I woke up this morning, it made it to the set temperatures of -8 and 34F (I then turned off the power freeze feature). 


Has this happened with anyone else? I'm hesitant to have a repairman out if it is working at the moment, but I'm not comfortable knowing that I may have a faulty compressor or something. 


My last fridge was a GE that worked without any issues for over 22 years (we replaced it for cosmetic reasons) and a cheap 11 year old Maytag refrigerator in the garage for beer. I can't believe the amount of problems I've had with this model in less than 2 years:(

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