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RF23M8070SR Defect: Auto-Fill Pitcher Mold & Mildew

We purchased our Samsung RF23M8070SR at the end of 2018, and at first we loved the auto-fill pitcher feature.


After about 4-5 months, while taking the pitcher out after non-use for a week or so, we noticed mold &/or mildew growing on the top of the pitcher as well as in the interior dispenser that touches the top of the pitcher. I was so disgusted with the mold, I decided to put it in the top rack of our Samsung dishwasher on 'sanitize' mode. That was a big mistake, as the pitcher melted into an unrecognizeable blob of plastic. I researched the replacement and was quite surprised to find it retails for about $100, which is absurd considering it isn't dishwasher-safe.


I now use a negative ion generator in the fridge because I am worried about the effects of excess moisture, but I have to wonder why Samsung would put the icemaker (not sealed) in the fridge compartment, considering the net result of placing excess moisture into the fridge combined with the auto-fill pitcher. It seems this is a design flaw.


Without any other recourse, have others with this issue contacted an attorney? This seems like class-action material.