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RF23M8579SR/AA -Refrigerator Display- No longer gives the option to set a screen saver

(Topic created on: 4/15/21 6:52 AM)
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I have a refrigerator model RF23M8570SQ/AA. I used to be able to set the screen saver to show my pictures – from either uploading using the app or using a USB drive that I placed into the door. But now – in the display settings, there is no long the ability to set the screen saver. That option is gone.

Here is the current documentation on how to do this - http://publish.samsungsimulator.com/simulator/ac2b0789-5ad3-4932-b286-11e46e8e756c/#!topic/operation...  but there is no screensaver option.  

In fact, here is what my display setting page looks like - notice no 'screen saver' option.  Note I have tried so many different options/settings to see if it would activate somehow, but I was not successful.



Thoughts on how to get my screen saver back and to pull from my app or the USB drive?  

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