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RF263BEAESR Ice dispenser door cycling continuously

Unit is just over 1 year and the ice dispenser door just keeps flapping. The control panel is also out, Any ideas?


Re: RF263BEAESR Ice dispenser door cycling continuously

You need a new door.  

I don't know if this is an issue with the factory assembly error or bad design or both.  But what happens is that there is a wire in the door(on mine it is gray colored) that is either getting pinched or twisted in such a way that repeated opening and closing of the door causes it to eventually get cut.  This wire supplies power to the water dispenser control panel as well as the ice dispenser door sensor.  Once cut, the main logic board can't sense that the ice dispenser door is closed so it keeps applying power to the motor and your ice dispenser door keeps opening and closing.  If you look in the hole on the top hinge of your fridge  door where all the wires go in the door you might be able to see where the wire is cut.  Look for a wire that is not part of the main bunch of  wires(On mine it is a gray wire).    unfortunately it is just deep enough that it is almost impossible to re-connect the wire.