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RF267abrs/xaa No Ice maker or chime.

I have a RF267abrs/xaa that is not producing ice and does not have a working test chime. I have replaced the main board and the icemaker, still have no chime or ice. Its acting like theres no power or Not conected still. Is the icemaker power and controls routed thru the display panel and is the water valve also controled thru the display panel too? Because i dont even hear the water valve opening and the icmaker is not even filling with water on start up. This to me would indicate a control issue in the circuit , wich I wouldve thought would've been controled by the main board. Now IDK.


Lastly is there a fuse in this circuit somewhere that im not seeing?


Ive already verified the panel is set to ice on and ive verified water flow with and without the filter installed..