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RF27T5201SR refrigerator stops working 12 hours after reset

(Topic created on: 4/17/21 9:26 PM)
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My Samsung refrigerator (RF27T5201SR) recently started giving me issues after a year of no hassles. All the electronics seem to operate as per usual but it will not cool.

I have recently been troubleshooting and have noticed the following:

It runs perfectly for about 12 hours after being reset, with the compressor running and cooling to the setpoints for both the fridge and freezer. I did not notice the condenser fan running, although the fridge is in the garage and it's about 40F there (possibly only runs when the condenser reaches a certain temp or possibly a clue??)

After running well for about 12 hours, the temperature indicator will continue to display that the fridge and freezer are at their respective set points but both will be room temperature. The compressor is no longer running.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this may be doing this? There are no error codes.

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