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RF28JBEDBSR failed ice maker

We purchased our refrigerator in October 2017 from Best Buy. We noticed early on that the ice maker was not entirely reliable in producing ice. Several times a year we'd defrost and clean out all the built up ice on the ice maker unit. After the last time we "reset" it, sometime in late summer 2019, we pretty much gave up on it with winter approaching. In the past couple of weeks I've cleaned out the ice, thawing it with a hair dryer as I've read others do. For the past week, I only hear some clicking noise, but no ice is produced other than what appear to be a couple of slivers. I see, regretfully, that my warranty expired after only one year, so pretty disappointed now in our $2500+ purchase.


Re: RF28JBEDBSR failed ice maker - UPDATE

Well, I have to say that I had a bit of a surprise. About ten days, I sent a private message to one of this forum's Samsung reps and received a same-day private response. Within 24 hours, the rep had a service request in place for a one-time warranty repair. The following day, a local Samsung service contractor scheduled a repair for this past week. The tech arrived ready for action on this past Wednesday, and within an hour had replaced the ice tray part of the ice maker (mine is inside the French door refrigerator compartment). He counseled me in the future to turn off the ice maker (using the door control) when it filled, then turn it back on when empty. Anyway, the ice maker is back in action and we enjoyed cold margaritas on the patio yesterday. Will update this thread if we experience a problem again. Overall pretty satisfied with Samsung's service... I was expecting the worst, frankly, so the bar wasn't terribly high, and they exceeded it quite well.