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RF30HBEDBSR Freezer Not Freezing Enough

(Topic created: 05-22-2022 07:22 AM)
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I own a Samsung RF30HBEDBSR that is around 6 years old. Just recently the freezer stopped freezing. It stays around 50 degrees all the time, but the refrigerator and ice maker work fine. There were no codes and I did a hard reset on the refrigerator. The compressor and fan works fine and it is not frozen up. There is no frost on the evap. coil. I replaced the Refrigerator Power Control Board DA92-00486A and the Refrigerator Electronic Control Board DA92-00484D.
I'm still having the same problem and hope someone can tell me what to do. I was told it might be a sealed system problem, or a 3-way valve problem. I don't know how to troubleshoot it, so I need some help.

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Community Manager
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Hi there! I can definitely understand your concern with your freezer not freezing anymore. I do have the following link to our troubleshooting guide on what steps to take if the refrigerator or freezer is not cooling properly. 


Once these steps are completed, if the freezer is still not cooling, the unit will require service. 
Since you are out of the one-year manufacturer’s warranty: 
1. You can utilize this link to locate an authorized service center in your area to obtain estimates for repairs: http://www.Samsung.com/us/support/service/location or reach out to any local television repair shop.
2. The other option, would be a replacement of the unit. Samsung.com offers amazing deals on different  that may be to your liking, check out those deals here: https://www.samsung.com/us/refrigerators/