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RF427HABP/XAA Rust, horrible finish, clogged defrost drains, door shelves fall apart

High dollar junk, I've had several problems with mine including the rust. Defrost Drains clog so when the defrost heater melts the ice it drains into bottom of the freezer, re-freezes and the freezer door will not open. The black finish is so thin and delicate it scratches and dings real easy. The plastic film on the doors when it was new is tucked into the door seams and when you peal it off small bits stay in the seams and almost impossible to remove. Large door shelf that holds gallon of milk fell apart and is now glued back together. The older $400. dollar WhrilPool in the basment has no issues, makes more ice faster and runs quieter! I think it's time for a class action suit!!!

Samsung should add to the model numbers... GE and All the whirlpool brands are still made in the US. Thats where i go next!