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RH29H9000SR Icemaker Failure

Icemaker stopped working on RH29H9000SR. Replaced Filter, Replaced entire Icemaker Assembly, Replaced Motherboard, but the icemaker is still dead. If I run a hair dryer over the ice tray and press the test button to cycle, I can sometimes get the ice to eject, but then the tray either fills about 1/3 full with water, or no refill at all. If I manually fill the ice tray with water, it will not cycle unless I manually press the test button and use the hair dryer again to get ice to release from tray. The only other items I can think are the water valve (in the filter assembly) or the power inverter board, but would like some insight before I continue to spend money on parts.


Re: RH29H9000SR Icemaker Failure

I hear replacement parts can be quite expensive! You have initiative! I'd probably be sitting, waiting for tech support, 😆