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RZ11M7074SA/AA Refrigerator Stopped Cooling and Broken Handle

(Topic created: 07-07-2022 03:25 PM)
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We recently ordered 2 of those. We used one as a freezer and the other one as a refrigertor. The freezer malfunctioned and we lost 600$ of food. we called to get a service on the appliance. First they scheduled a service at our old address in NY. we now live in Texas so they had to cancel and reschedule. Then technician came and "found out" the handle's recoil systme was broken. So he called Samsung and they said warranty is off as handle is broken. We had the appliances for less than 2 months and the damage is impossible to notice unless u are a pro. Plus impossible to break it when we barely used it so likely came broken but now Samsung does not want to do anything to help

We have a nroken appliance and lost hundreds of $ of food.

I think they are scamming customers this way. if anybody exprerienced the same, post it too. WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO CREATE A CLASS ACTION


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