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Range knobs break / icemaker keeps freezing up / microwave handle inside piece breaks

   When my wife and I purchased our Samsung oven, refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher just over 2 years ago I thought we were buying quality products.  (Our Samsung phones and TVs have worked well.)  However, I've had more things go wrong than almost all my appliances I've owned in the past combined.  Internet searches apparently show that I'm not the only one with these problems and apparently quite common.

   First problem is the oven knobs.  I've had 2 knobs break in the past 6 months.  We do not have kids in the house so the knobs aren't breaking due to someone playing around with them.  The knobs are nice on the outside and feel "heavy" so one would think they are of good quality.  The cheap plastic ring that holds it onto the stove wears out easily and now I'm going to have to buy a whole new set.  I have had 1 oven knob do that in all of the ranges I have owned previously over 30 years.

   Second problem is the microwave.  Again a cheap plastic piece connecting to the spring on the inside handle broke, thus preventing the latch to set.  Fortunately, there are Youtube videos that show the problem that others have had with this cheap plastic part and how to fix it.  I was at least able to fix it myself.

   Third problem is the design of the icemaker.  It frequently ices up and requires a hair dryer to de-ice it.  You can use the 2 button ice defrost but that requires quite a bit of time to eventually get it back to working condition.

   So overall, I am not a happy customer.  Having to buy oven knobs for a product that is just over 2 years old is ridiculous.  The product quality and design seems to show "look good on the outside and we'll hide the cheap parts inside."  Samsung will not be seeing any of my money, or from family members, in the future!


Re: Range knobs break / icemaker keeps freezing up / microwave handle inside piece breaks

Make it 3 range knobs now broken.