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Refrigerator Problems RF4267HARS: Broken handles, ice maker, water under drawers

As much as we liked the features of this refrigerator, this is our first and probably last Samsung appliance purchase for our house.  Normally if something breaks here or there, I don't think much of it.  Prior to the last two months, we've had annoying little things break: Handle broke off of the freezer door, shelf on door broke when removing a gallon of milk, plastic cracking around the glass on multiple shelves.  But then August of 2020 came.  Maybe the refrigerator just wanted to contribute the miserable year 2020 is, who knows?  First the ice maker stopped making ice when it was crazy hot out (You know, like when a nice cold drink is very much appreciated!) - was able to find a refurbished unit online and we've got ice again.  Then the flexzone drawer started freezing everything, exploding pop cans - Found that the evaporator drain for the refrigerator had frozen leading to water under the crisper drawers and and ice to form under the flexzone drawer.  After a fair amount of disassembly and several hours of defrosting, the drain finally cleared.  I discovered the flexdrawer damper was full of ice, hence it was stuck open and therefor was freezing everything in drawer.  After some searching online, found there is a new version of a defroster tab that extends deeper into the drain to prevent it from freezing up.  There are mixed reviews as to whether this actually helps, so time will tell.  And then today, the handle broke off of the flexzone drawer when I went to open it!  I'm beginning to think I'd be better off moving this refrigerator to the garage and switching it with the 1940's refrigerator that I've got from my grandparents! Given how expensive refrigerators are these days, I expect better quality out of this.  I guess I'll just stick to Samsung for their phones only for now.