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Refrigerator RF23HCEDBSR ice maker freezes no matter what

(Topic created on: 12/28/20 11:13 AM)
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Purchased Samsung dishwasher, gas range, microwave and refrigerator about 4 years ago. The fridge is a RF23HCEDBSR and the ice maker freezes up so often that it has become a hassle. There have been three repairs with the last one involving the repair tech replacing the ice maker. This fix was only temporary as the ice maker continues to fail. I have tried all the YouTube suggestions and they too are nothing but temporary  fixes. I have read numerous postings from many others stating they have the same problem.

I don't expect Samsung to address this issue anytime soon . I wanted to let you all know that in the future you will want to purchase appliances from another manufacturer. By the way the microwave quit 1.5 years after the warranty expired. The original dealer took it back and gave me on at cost.

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