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Refrigerator RF261BEAEBC/AA - Icemaker Problem + fridge won't cool

Bought my Samsung fridge (RF261BEAEBC/AA) in late 2015. It stopped working sometime last year.


First, I started noticing that food was spoiling way too quickly. Bought some thermometers to put in the fridge and realized that no matter what you set the temperature to, the fridge wouldn't stay cool.


That's when I noticed the ice buildup... like many people have posted here, there's ice build-up all over the back of the fridge, under the back panel... that's what's stopping the fan from moving. You can see all the ice poking out, and hear it crunch if you push on the plastic back wall of the fridge. Then, since the fridge is so warm, some of the ice melts and water dumps all over everything in the back of the fridge, and down into the drawers. And of course the icemaker during this time just totally doesn't work and freezes over. (So much ice everywhere, and none I can use!) 


Anyway - I have tried all the things people have searched and tried online. I checked to make sure the fridge is leveled right, made sure there's enough space in the back between the fridge and the wall...Samsung told me it wasn't under warranty anymore, so we've just been thawing the fridge out with a hair dryer once a month for the last... I don't know - maybe 5-6 months now hoping maybe *this time* it'll work. Thawing it out works for a while, but then as the ice builds up again, you start hearing the loudest sounds ever, the fan starts struggling, the temperature starts dropping, and know you're about to be right back where you started.


I got a quote from a Samsung authorized service company who says that they've got some updated ice maker repair stuff and a new auger that'll hopefully resolve the issue, but it's $1100 for the fix. I'm posting here to find out if anybody's ever successfully gotten a repair done with this issue and if this is actually a good fix? It seems more like folks (even under warranty) have tried to get this fixed over and over again with all sorts of different repairs, but the problem always comes back. And has anybody successfully *ever* gotten Samsung to agree to refund  parts or anything, since it's obviously a replacement part to correct an issue with the fridge itself?


...Or should I just call it a day, buy a new non-Samsung fridge, and dedicate the rest of my life to making sure nobody I know ever buys a Samsung appliance ever again? 


Does anybody from Samsung even read these posts? 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Refrigerator RF261BEAEBC/AA - Icemaker Problem + fridge won't cool